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Telecommunication Company Comm-Co

"We sell you what you need not what we have"

Comm-Co is a vital source for Telecommunication, ATEX and Rugged products around the world since 1992. Through years of experience and knowledge we can provide high quality, customer oriented solutions for almost any problem, which makes Comm-Co a truly unique company. Comm-Co provides high quality products and custom solutions for a wide array of purposes that includes oil industry, gas industry, petrochemistry, shipping industry but also small local businesses around the world. Comm-Co is based in Hulst in Zeeland (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, near the border with Belgium).

Unique in our industry

Our commitment and passion is to keep track of the latest developments but also offer a wide branch of products. Comm-Co delivers high quality electronic devices to company's who require reliable products for a improved way of telecommunication. With our knowledge we can solve almost any problem and give you a solution you can work on. With the wide range of ATEX, Rugged and communication products Comm-Co can provide multiple products which can solve the problem but also deliver customised products which are needed for a project. Comm-co is specialised in the following branches:

  • ATEX products and services
  • Rugged products and services
  • Communication products and services




Comm-Co offers many ATEX certificated products for almost any platform. We have one of the largest and still growing web shop on the internet, Atexshop, a web shop dedicated to ATEX certified products. With one of the largest ATEX webshops in the world we are proud to say that we have more then 300 products in our store and are still growing! We are continually working on our store, keeping you and your company updated for the best ATEX certified products.

Visit www.atexshop.com now »


We also have a large web shop with all kinds of ruggedized products. This web shop is made for products which can be used in rough and hard environments. These so called ruggedized products can be used in military grounds, but also in the private sector for climbers, mountain bikers and other extreme sports. The ruggedized products are often impact-free, this means that they can be dropped,kicked,smashed and will still work. Especially when you are in rough and hard environments the equipment you are carrying will keep working!

Visit www.ruggedshop.nl now »

Our Services 

Comm-Co not only delivers products for the telecommunication market it also provides the exclusive services. These services including; Professional advices on problems or questions, the development of websites, Search engine optimization, repairing or maintenance of telephones, smartphones, domainregistration and management, hosting services.

For example, repairs and maintenance of GSM and computers, subscriptions, installations and communications advice, creating and modifying your website(webdesign), domainregistration, -management and hosting.

Comm-Co's success comes from our passion and commitment to deliver high quality and reliable electronic products and services customised to your precise requirements. Comm-Co continues to supply the electronics industry with the latest products available, and we have the capability to design, manufacture and supply a full range of product solutions to complement each other.

We specialize in a range of products, from electronic components, batteries, timing and frequency modules, all the way through to fully integrated communication systems and a full range of rugged notebooks. We place a particular emphasis on the fact that that the solutions we provide should be built to last, whether used in the field or in the most demanding of environments.




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Comm-Co BV
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Monday:                   13:00 - 17:00
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Kreekzoom 9, 4561 GX Hulst
+31 (114) 370030
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