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UnifiedVideoConferencing, the newest generation of video communication.

UnifiedVideoConferencing, the newest generation of video communication, 3 different techniques in 1 user friendly application

Presence Based Communication

• Video Conferencing

• Content Collaboration

Take advantage of videoconferencing content and collaboration as it should be, easy to use completelysafe and suitable for deployment over the Internet. Audio and Video communication in HD quality on a desktop application. Use of a headset is not necessary with the integrated echo cancellation and digital audiofiltering.

Anywhere, Anytime

Direct connection to the internet makes communication possible, at home, at work, on the road or meeting room. The intelligent bandwidth management ensures clear transmission of video / audio content. Find a colleague, employee or customer via presence and see if he / she is available. Make contact via chat. Communicate over chat, or
by audio / video conference 1 on 1 or with a large group. Experience the difference of visual communication. Collaborate and share documents in an application or file during the video meeting. Easy and effective.

Ease in communication

See if someone is online and available via chat and conference. Discussion in HD video. Communicate verbally and nonverbally in a natural way. The intuitive application designed to make things easy. The high AES encryption ensures that the communication and exchange of information is protected.

Effective teamwork

Share documents and applications using Content Collaboration during a video meeting. And edit them together real-time, online, and eye contact. Discuss and design together on the digital whiteboard. Share HD Photo’s or other high graphical content to speed up decisions.



Internal and external communication

UnifiedVideoConferencing makes internal and external communication easy and effective. Invite external relationships for a video meeting by mail or use the Web Client requires the existing video out through the Video Gateway. Without compromising security and privacy.

Proven Technology

With customers around the world UVC proves to be reliable and effective for companies in various sectors such as financial markets, government, education, commerce & industry and consultancy.


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