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Atex CorDEX Centurion Dual XPG Camera

Description Atex CorDEX Centurion Dual XPG Camera

The Centurion XP Dual explosion-proof digital camera is designed and certified with the professional inspector in the mind. Whether you operate in a petrochemical or mining environment Centurion XP Dual ATEX certified digital camera is the  professionals choice.

With the ability to capture still images at a resolution of up to 10Mega-pixels plus an onboard movie capability Centurion XP Dual is the ultimate choice for maintenance professionals and consultants alike.

For close up and wide area photography, the Centurion XP Dual is supplied complete with an interchangeable lens facility and two lenses as standard. For the first time, inspection professionals can capture crystal clear digital images within the hazardous (explosive) area at distances of between 50mm-100mm using the macro lens supplied as standard. Also supplied as standard is the wide-angle lens which will increase the camera's angle of view by 0.45 times.

Centurion XP Dual is supplied as standard with two illumination options for low light working conditions. The high intensity strobe flash enables wide area illumination for still shots whilst the removable low intensity LED lamp is designed for close up shots and movie capture.




Features CorDEX 5MP Digital Camera Centurion XPG Atex

  • ATEX Certified Zone 1 IIC T4 (Vapors)
  • Onboard full-power strobe flash
  • Upto 4Gb storage
  • USB communication
  • Removable rechargeable battery pack

Specifications CorDEX Centurion Dual XPG Camera 

 Comm-Co CorDEX Centurion Dual XPG Camera Trailer


Certificates CorDEX Digital Camera Centurion Dual XPG Sheets:

Cordex intrinsically safe Centurion XPG Dual Datasheet

Cordex intrinsically safe Centurion XPG Dual Certificate

Cordex intrinsically safe Centurion XPG Dual EC Declaration

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