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Man-Down alarm, the best safety in an explosive atmosphere

MobileTrack  supply's certificated ATEX security and communication solutions


Mobiletrack, the specialist in independent Track&Trace solutions and platforms, starts supplying specialised and professional certificated equipment according to the ATEX guidelines, these environments have a potentially explosive atmosphere and where labor is done with flammable liquids and gasses.

Organisations are in need of a tutal solution in which their employees can work in safely in an ATEX environment. The new Track&Trace solution ensures improved safety for employees working in a hazardous or explosive atmosphere.

Comm-co has a security solution based on the X.com 21x-EX mobile phone. This professional mobile phone has easy to use functions, is rugged shockproof and ATEX certified. In case of an emergency the phone has the option to manually or automatically make use of the Man-Down alarm system.

The Man-Down system activates an emergency man down alarm notification if the mobile phone assumes a horizontal position. The Man-Down alarm will beep for a short period of time to warn the wearer, this helps to avoid false alarms.

The system will provide the location of the person who activated the alarm.This way keeps a injured worker from waiting too long for help from an emergency source, and may just be that small perimeter that allows your staff to rely upon your ability to provide for them, a way for them to understand their safety having a place within the company they work for.

Safety is always a major concern, and especially in a working situation where there might be a disposition towards difficult or taxing labor, requiring the institution of certain basic rules for acknowledging the security that all of your employees have a right to. It is this security for which an alarm system like this is necessary for any company well versed in any portion of their industry being dangerous, and giving the workers a chance to be fairly regarded once they are found to have been treated the most efficiently.

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