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Noax PC's

Noax C15

15" Industrial PC for Extreme Production Environments

Due to its completely sealed aluminum or plastic enclosure without ventilation slots or interference-prone external fans, the noax 15" industrial PC is very well suited to multi-purpose operation in extreme production environments, such as are prevalent in industrial production or logistics. Its rugged, reliable design provides effective protection from a variety of mechanical and chemical influences and extreme ambient conditions because the C15 is splash-proof all around and is equipped with shock and vibration-resistant components such as heavy-duty connector locks.


Anwendung für 15-Zoll-IPC

Allrounder for Applications in Data Acquisition

Because noax have developed proprietary motherboards and use solely industrial-grade components, they guarantee availability of components and parts for a minimum of five years. The different mounting options, such as wall brackets or floor stands, make it the ideal allrounder for harsh environments in operating and machine data acquisition, time & attendance, process visualization or inventory control. For units to be mounted directly on vibration-intensive production carriers, noax are able to use especially shock-resistant solid-state disks and special shock absorber panels. That makes the C15 an ideal capital good in extreme production environments, as far as economical aspects are concerned.

High Scalability and Configuration-Specific Adaptations

Despite its completely enclosed design with no external fans, the C15 offers great performance, compatibility, and expandability without requiring much space. Depending on the intended use, the C15 can be supplied with two different noax All-In-One boards up to 1.4 GHz, with various disk sizes plus a variety of operating systems. Due to its many on-board interfaces, its 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet interface, plus its expandability through free standard slots, the C15 permits the simple, trouble-free integration of different peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse, printer or identification systems. The C15 can be easily integrated into a Wireless LAN network by using a WLAN card which is available as an option.


The noax Micro-Controller – Enhanced Reliability

The noax Micro-Controller installed as standard in all noax industrial PCs automatically performs many monitoring, control and statistical operations such as temperature and backlight control, or counting operating hours. The controller can be individually adapted to customer requirements. In addition, noax use a proprietary touch controller which automatically controls and readjusts the panel. As a further service to their customers, noax configure all industrial PCs to meet specific requirements as part of a ready-to-use installation. All you need to do then is switch it on!


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