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Blackline Safety's G7 Dock

The Blackline Safety's G7 Dock is the solution for easy and affordable self-calibration and bump testing of G7 equipment, as well as for charging it. The G7 Dock requires no initial set-up, all communication and configuration takes place outside the dock.



With the G7 Dock, bump tests and calibrations can be easily performed by simply placing the G7 in the dock. If a G7 device requires a bump test and/or calibration, it automatically performs the required test actions when the G7 is placed in the dock and the latch is closed.

All test results are sent to the user's Blackline Live account in real time immediately after the bump tests and calibrations. The G7 Dock uses the Blackline Live Portal hosted in the cloud for configuration. This also stores test data for compliance tracking and reporting.

Blackline Safety's G7 Dock uses very little calibration gas, with a flow rate of 300ml per minute.

Supports both G7c devices fitted with single gas sensor cartridges and those fitted with 4-gas cartridges



- Dimension: 215 mm x 100 mm x 95 mm

- Weight: 202 g

- Four adjustable gas inlets one outlet port.

- Internal diaphragm pumps for gas ejection 300 ml/min.

- Bump test of 25 seconds, less than 10 seconds of gas during a bump

- 4-minute calibration, less than 2 minutes of gas during a calibration

- Input voltage: 5 VDC @ 1000 mA

- Power connector: Micro USB

- 120/240 VAC power adapter and USB cable included

- Two Year Warranty



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