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G7(c/x*) Wireless Gas Monitor

G7(c/x*) Wireless Gas Monitor



This G7 Single gas Detector is very usefull inside factories. For sure if the factory where its being used in uses a lot of hazardous gasses. It will detect those gasses. It will also allow security to track the location and see the level of gass in the place where the workers are at. It´ll also detect it if anything goes wrong with the worker. Like if the worker gets into an incident the G7 will give the security an alert about it. If he falls down from a couple meters high it´ll also be detected by the G7 and alerted to the security. When they are alerted they can easily talk to you trough the G7.




With the thousands of options there are for the gas sensor configurations. It's been made easy for you to get the most from your gas detection budget. When using the gas sensors it will be available to dedect these gasses: NH3, CO2, CO, CO-H, COSH, CI2, CIO2, LEL-IR, LEL-IR, LEL-MPS, HCN, H2S, NO2, O2, O3.

The Single-Gas Diffusion Cartridge supports you with a choice of over 20 sensors, including PID and LEL-MPS

The Multi-Gas Diffusion Cartridge supports up to five gases when qwuipped with a dual-toxic COSH sensor (SO and H2S)

The Multi-Gas Pump Cartridge is designed for remote sampling. It supports confined space entries and leak-check surveys. This cartridge supports both diffusion and pump operation mode




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