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Smart Glasses

Smart glasses refer to a device that uses appropriate technology to bring a computer screen/display in front of a person's eyes to present background information. The display can be projected/reflected on the lens of glasses or it can be a separate component brought in front of the view. The important thing is that the user can observe the environment without distraction when he does not need the information from the smart glasses.


Smart glasses are also often referred to with the term "augmented reality", which basically means enlarging (and enhancing) the existing real world with additional information provided by the information system. There is a certain difference when comparing with display techniques for viewing moving images/video or with virtual reality displays designed for gaming purposes, where the entire vision is filled with computer-generated image. Most advanced smart glass systems can automatically provide information about a target in view, such as a product in hand, information about landscapes and even facial recognition of an approaching person.


The user can communicate with the system using voice, signs or finger movements, for example. It is essential that the management of the system is simple and practical and must be appropriate to the task and the user. The device must fit/fit perfectly so that you do not have to think about it or pay attention to it when it is not in use. For business use, the devices must also be compatible with other IT infrastructure. Another big advantage is that employees keep their hands free when wearing the smart glasses. They no longer need to print the picking lists and carry them with them during order picking!


Another big advantage is that employees keep their hands free when wearing the smart glasses. They no longer need to print the picking lists and carry them with them during order picking. The same Active Ants experiment showed that productivity increased by 15 percent as a result!


What are the possibilities of Smart Glasses?

  • Built-in 360-degree cameras, vr cameras, sensors and infrared cameras such as the Kintect sensors.
  • Laser tracking & 3D scanning technology to measure and process body gestures and movements.
  • Eye-tracking & scanning technology with gaze-prioritised graphics also known as foveated rendering.
  • Built-in facial recognition and speech recognition technology.
  • transparent HD display for holigraphic images, standard displays and videos
  • Intel Realsense camera technology & Qualcomm SnapDragon VR chips.
  • GPS localisation & Wi-fi & Bleutooth connectivity with other mobile devices, smartphones, computers and laptops.
  • File sharing and live streaming
  • Holographic computing technology

-    ODT" = Omnidirectional treadmill technology like the Virtuix Omni allowing you to move in vr environments. This technology will enable impressive active virtual reality gaming and lifelike training simulations. Companies like Omnifinity and Virtuix are important players in this.




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