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RFID Tags & Readers for Hazardous Locations

The need to manage assets in industry is becoming increasingly important to improve efficiency and workflow accuracy. Passive RFID technology has matured in recent years and is now available for use in hazardous classified locations.

Applications for this technology are diverse but include controlling and managing maintenance of equipment as part of service and hazardous area inspection regimes to automatically identify the asset. In warehouse and manufacturing areas they can be used for logistics and production tracking so that the location and utilization history of an item is known. Where a WLAN exists, tagged assets can be scanned by a handheld PC/PDA such as the i.roc x20, and the relevant documentation made available to the engineer — saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

We offer a wide range of intrinsically safe RFID tags in different form factors and levels of ruggedness for attachment to cables, valves, instruments, enclosures, machinery, pallets, bags, drums, etc.

Intrinsically Safe Passive RFID Tags and Cards PU SERIES

• Zone 1 Certified
• II 2G EEx ia IIC T4
• I M2 Ex ia II
• II 2 D Ex iaD 21 T70°C
• IP67 Polyurethane, epoxy resin or glass
• Screw on, stick on and cable tie versions
• Proximity and swipe cards
The PU series RFID tags are especially designed for applications and processes involving harsh environments where equipment requires a high chemical resistance.

Configurable Passive ATEX UHF TAGS TID SERIES

• Intrinsically safe
• ATEX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T4
• I M2 EEx ia I
• II 2 D Ex iaD 21 T70°C
• IP67
• 868MHz operating frequency
• Versions with 96 bit read-only memory, and 512 bit read-write memory

Explosion Proof RFID Antennas TPA SERIES

• Zone 1 Certified
• II 2G Ex m II T4
• I M2 EEx m I
• IP67 plastic enclosure
• Range up to 700mm
• Designed for use with TPF-35-Ex RFID reader below

Explosion Proof Stationary RFID Reader TPF35EX

• II 2G EEx de IIA T4
• I M2 EEx de I
• IP65 painted stainless steel enclosure
• RS485/ RS232 Interface
The TPF-35-Ex is a high performance Industrial Long Range RFID reader, which operates at distance of up to 400mm. The RFID reader utilises the PU series of ATEX certified RFID Tags.
TPF-35-Ex is housed in a stainless steel flameproof housing which can be used in hazardous industrial areas. The TPF-35-Ex can be used with the TPA Range of LF antennas.

i.roc x20 Pocket PC/PDA with RFID Module

• Industrial strength, IP65 rating
• Versions for general purpose and classified hazardous locations
• Windows Mobile™ OS
• Integrated WLAN 802.11b, USB, Bluetooth™, and IrDA port
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Rugged, yet ergonomic shape
• Impact resistant TFT display with touchscreen functions
• 320 x 240 pixel resolution

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