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Touch Glass

Convert the shop window from your business into a system of promotion where people can select the option they want. Today this is possible thanks to the technology of TOUCH-GLASS. Until now the promotion of products was done by traditional systems “ TV, RADIO, NEWS, PANFLATS...” but with TOUCH-GLASS and the new visualizing plasma monitors and projectors you will call attention to the public, getting a high public impact in your business. Our visualization systems allow to see your promotion under direct day light and combined with Touch-glass, your clients will be able to receive interactively all the information they want. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Visual impact and participant
The installation
The easy installation of TOUCH-GLASS makes it possible to put Touch-Glass in any window display. You just put a poster or another adhesive support on the back of the cristal or non-conductive material to indicate the clients where to press. *You stick the sensors were the points join up. * You connect TOUCH –GLASS to the serial port from your computer. * You install the program of TOUCH-GLASS. * You install the multimedia application to carry out TOUCH-GLASS and everything is ready to work.
Revolutionary design
The new multimedia market TOUCH-GLASS has created a new market for the companies of multimedia productions. Touch-Glass works with almost all multimedia programs. Up to the moment it was not possible to interact with big size visual systems. With TOUCH-GLASS now it is possible. TOUCH-GLASS is not a tactile screen, it’s a set of sensors that are stuck to any non-conductive material (wood, cristal, fibre, plastics,....). When you touch the sensors, a promotion or information (Text, images, video, audio,...), installed on your computer, will be visualized. Our Touch-Glass system and the LUMIN screens offer a big field of applications. You can convert the window display of your business in a promotion system , up to ....... Display stands Maquettes Information panels Interactive signes Tourist-Info The requirement of the new big sized visual system which offers a high quality output even under direct daylightcombined with TOUCH-GLASS permits everybody to createa new multimedia market. TOUCH-GLASS needs a multimedia software to carry out the multimedia production. In this program you have to be able to assign keys of your keyboard to buttons in your application. Actually almost all multimedia softwares can do this but here are some of the nes we use FLASH, SCALA, DIRECTOR,... These softwares also allow you to carry out applications with programming languages as HTML, JAVA,... The existence of these programs make it possible to navigate web pages through the window display from your business. Notification to install TOUCH-GLASS Software Pc compatible with serial port, Operative system Microsoft Win 95,98,NT,2000,XP®



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