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De nieuwe Itronix GoBook VR-1 rugged notebook

Nieuw! Gelanceerd in September 2005, de geheel nieuwe Itronix GoBook® VR-1 zet een nieuwe standaard voor semi-rugged notebooks. Vrij simpel, het is het sterkste platform in de van vandaag semi-gerugde notebook categorie. Deze ga-overal computer combineert

* Rugged Verdraagbaarheid
* Hoge performance processing
* Geïntergreerd wireless netwerk
* Ergonomisch Design
* Fysieke Beveiliging

In een aantrekkelijk, besparings pakket. De GoBook VR-1 is meer dan de meest gesvanceerde draadloze semi-gerugde notebook.

Main Itronix GoBook description
The Itronix GoBook Tablet PC is a rugged “slate” Tablet PC, that puts the power and flexibility of tablet computing to work in environmentally-challenging situations. Mid-sized, lightweight and ergonomic, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC boasts the rugged and weatherized features you’ve come to expect from Itronix.

With multiple integrated wireless technologies, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC is ready for any wireless network. It offers the performance and flexibility needed to keep field-deployed, mission-critical workers productive. Itronix took the best aspects of Tablet PC technology and improved on them for high-performance mobile applications. Ideal for industries such as insurance, telecommunications, public safety and commercial field service, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC is backed by Itronix’ innovative “total-solutions” approach for implementation at the enterprise level.

Whether your field team is new to wireless computing or if you are looking to enhance your existing mobile computing line-up, the Itronix GoBook Tablet PC will provide years of performance at the stroke of a pen.

Itronix GoBook Highlights
- Ergonomic size and design
- MIL-STD rugged in a Tablet PC
- Integrated wireless communication options
- Runs Windows XP Tablet PC applications
- Total solutions implementation

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