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Wavecom Fastrack Supreme IESM-IO+USB+GPS

Description of the Wavecom Fastrack Supreme
The Internal Expansion Socket Module (IESM) is a Plug & Play device to expand the functionality of a standard Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 10 and Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 20 into a state of the art IO+USB+GPS device for machine to machine applications.
With the IESM it is possible to utilize the Internal Expansion Socket (IES) which opens wide applications for Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 10 and Supreme 20 by simply plugging in.
Wavecom Fastrack Supreme with IESM-IO+USB+GPS plugged-in may utilize one or more AT Plug-Ins of the powerful Open AT® software suite. Open AT® is the world’s most comprehensive cellular development environment, which allows embedded standard ANSI C applications to be natively executed directly on the Wireless CPU®.

Wavecom has developed a new, open-standard Internal Expansion Socket (IES) interface for customers to add additional IO connectivity or features like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and more. The open interface means customers are able to develop their own expansion modules and customize the product for their specific requirements. With the new Wavecom Fastrack Supreme, Wavecom also announces three options: one for IO expansion with mini USB connectivity; one with GPS functionality and USB; and one with IO expansion, GPS functionality and USB.

Wavecom Fastrack Supreme

Wavecom Fastrack Supreme Capabilities
  General information about the wavecom fastrack supreme
  Wireless CPU IESM
Supreme 10
Supreme 20
Core CPU ARM9, 32 bit
with cache
ARM9, 32 bit
with cache
      MAC ethernet
Open AT software suite FW6.63/OS4.20 FW6.63/OS4.20        
VariSpeed 26/104MHz 26/104MHz        
MIPS 87 max. 87 max.        
DOTA Type I & II Type I & II        
External Interruption <1ms <1ms        
RTC Interruption <1ms <1ms        
GPIO 2 2   3+2 2  
Analogue Audio 2 2        
ADC/DAC/SPI/I2C       1/1/1/1 1/1/1/1  
RS232 1 1   1    
USB     1 1 1 1
SIM/RUIM 3V/1.8V SIM 3V/1.8V SIM        
Voltage/VDC (nom) 5.5 to 32 5.5 to 32 4   4 4
Current/A (max) 0.48 @ 5.5V 0.48 @ 5.5V 0.12 @ 5.5V   0.12 @ 5.5V  
MMCx     l   l  
SMA l l        
RJ45           l
Size/mm 73x54.5x25.5 73x54.5x25.5 58x35.7x10.01 58x35.7x10.01 58x35.7x10.01 58x35.7x10.01
Weight/g 89 89 <10 <10 <10 <10
SIM holder l l        
operating t° range -30°C+75°C -30°C+75°C -30°C+65°C -30°C+65°C -30°C+65°C -30°C+65°C
GSM l l        
GPRS class 10 10        
EDGE class   10        
850/900/1800/1900 l l        
Max Sensitivity (dBm) -109 @ 900 -109 @ 900        
Codecs FR/EFR/HR FR/EFR/HR        
RIL l l        
TCP/IP & Internet Plug-In Plug-In        
Ethernet           Companion
Bluetooth Plug-In Plug-In        
Security Plug-In Plug-In        
GPS Plug-In Plug-In Companion   Companion  

Technical specifications Wavecom Fastrack supreme
Core processor ARM 946, 32 bit, 104MHz running Open AT RTOS as standard
Memory Internal 32 Mb Flash and 8 Mb PSRAM
Digital Control 2 GPIOs (many more thanks to IESM)
Digital Comms 1 UART (many more thanks to IESM)
Analogue Interfaces no (many more thanks to IESM)
Audio Interfaces 1 analog differential audio (many more thanks to IESM)
Cellular Radio Supporting quad band EDGE
Cellular Data GSM standard, SMS, CSD, GPRS cl10 , EDGE cl10 (for FAstrack Supreme20 only)
Cellular Voice Quad codec (FR/HR/EFR/AMR), VDA2A
RF and IO connectivity 1 SMA connector for EDGE RF, SUB D connector for power supply, reset, boot
Dimensions L73 x W54.5 x H 25.5mm

click here for the technical-data sheet about the Wavecom Fastrack supreme

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