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    The benefits of RFID tags

    RFID tags are becoming more and more prominent in the industry and there's a good reason for that. These nifty little devices are the perfect way to overcome the limitations of the more regular barcode. Eliminating the requirement for line-of-sight and scanning one item at a time an RFID tag can be read from different distances based on the type of tag and the use of a handheld reading devies, or even a fixed RFID reader with an antenna.


    RFID Use Cases

     "A Natural Gas Company Leverages UWB to Ensure Mustering Safery" An article by Claire Swedberg from RFID Journal reads. It states how Canadian business now uses an automated system to track the location of their workers during turnarounds. This was implemented after it was previously found that it could reduce mustering times tenfold. Heavily reducing the amount of paperwork saves the company a lot of time and incident risk is greatly reduced. 

     You can read the full article here

    "ATEX-Certified RFID Products"

    It's understandable that something like an RFID tag might be risky to implement in explosive environments. For these cases companies like Tectus and Kathrein have partnered up to create a complete line of ATEx-certified ultrahigh-frequency RFID producs that comply with the EU directives in regards to explosive atmospheres. HID Global's is another ATEX-certified manfacturer that creates RFID products that are capable of handling water-, chemical and shocks. William Frick & Co. offers an armored ATEX-certified UHF tag designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Confidex has the ironside portfolio with passive RFID tags, certified for compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC directive in regard to the operation of equipment in areas containing potentially explosive atmospheres.

    See what's on offer

    On Atex and Ruggedshop we offer the Zebra series of ATEX certified RFID products. The ultra long range system utilizes an ultra-wideband (UW) active RFID tag and a Vision presence reader. These long range tools have been used by logistic, oil and gas industries as an end-to-end solution for real-time tracking and managing of staff and logisitcs. You can see our range of Zebra products here

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