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Wavecom Fastrack Extreme

Wavecom Fastrack Extreme
The same form factor, extreme performance. Compatible with existing Open AT® applications, the newest addition to the Fastrack family is the Wavecom Fastrack Extreme. The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme has the same form-factor as the current Wavecom Fastrack Supreme and is based on a powerful ARM9 core for applications processing and the Icera Livanto® soft baseband modem. With Icera’s Adaptive Wireless™ enhanced Type 3 advanced receiver and receive diversity technology the Wavecom Fastrack Extreme will achieve data rates up to 7.2 Mbits/s and will deliver higher data-rates in real network conditions than any other M2M module. The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme is equipped with a tri-band radio for global coverage.

Easy upgrade path
The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme has the exact same form factor as Wavecom Fastrack Supreme, an embedded application processing architecture identical with that of the Q26 Wireless CPU® family, and is built on the Open AT® Software Suite 2.0.

Upgradeable bearers

Thanks to Wavecom’s Intelligent Device Services, even the core modem can be upgraded to provide enhanced solutions like HSUPA.

Plug and Play
The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme is a pre-certified end product for true Plug & Play integration.

Extreme performance
"Receive Diversity" uses multiple antenna technology to boost the data speed to 7.2 Mbits/s in mobility and weaker signal

Investment Protection
The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme reduces the risk of early deployment of HSPDA devices on evolving networks by enabling remote upgrades of the HSDPA firmware.

Global Connectivity
The Wavecom Fastrack Extreme offers the ultimate solution in global connectivity: GSM, GPRS, EDGE (4 bands), WCDMA and HSDPA (3 bands, upgradeable to HSUPA).

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