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Comgate sim card

Backup SIM cards

Comgate offers security and redundancy with the Comgate 4G/5G Backup SIM card. With this you are guaranteed to always be online and you will stay online even if the fixed internet connection has a malfunction. Thanks to this backup solution, your company can continue to work as usual, you can still be reached by telephone and customers can still use their PIN.

We offer 2 different backup plans; via the KPN network or via the T-Mobile network. Instead of an upgrade to 5G, these SIM cards are standard 5G and backwards compatible with 4G.

4G/5G backup solution in a router, switch or other network device.
You can use the “Comgate 4G/5G Backup NL” data subscription as a 4G/5G failover or backup solution in a router, switch or other network device. This subscription is also very suitable for primary internet applications where the data consumption fits within this bundle and where the solution is managed in the router or device. For example for internet for routers with WiFi for ATMs, digital signage, internet for cash register system or tablets.


Mobile broadband sim cards
Mobile Broadband is wireless access to the internet via a 4G and 5G network, characterized by high data consumption. You access it via a dongle, MiFi or router. Unlocking data from devices/machines requires a mobile broadband subscription that provides high coverage and uptime. Comgate offers various futureproof data SIM solutions. In the form of a fixed offer including our Truly Unlimited data SIM cards and as a tailor-made solution, depending on your choice of region, the number of networks the SIM card is allowed to connect to and additional technical requirements. As a hardware expert, we can also completely unburden you!


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