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Powerful Zhiyun Fiveray LED lights.

Powerful Zhiyun Fiveray LED lights for creative content creators.

The Zhiyun brand is best known for its high-quality gimbals. If you regularly work professionally with video, then you certainly know them: the Smooth 5, Weebill 3, Crane M2S and other models. Since 2022, Zhiyun has also been profiling itself in the market with LED lamps under the name Fiveray. It is clear that this is not a one-hit wonder, because in the coming months we also expect many special and commercially interesting new lighting products from Zhiyun for dealers.

The current range currently consists of the Fiveray F100 and M40. Not only do these products have an original appearance, they are also extremely advanced and compact. The lamps therefore have a DynaVort cooling system. This system has been patented by Zhiyun and ensures that the lamps can continue to work for longer periods of time. Thanks to the better cooling, a higher consistent light output is possible in a smaller housing. That makes the lamps very attractive for content creators who work on location and value a handy kit with lighting gear.
The Zhiyun Fiveray M40 has a suggested retail price of €119.00. The Zhiyun Fiveray F100 standard set with 2 barndoors, diffuser, grid and carrying bag has a suggested retail price of €269.00. The Zhiyun Fiveray F100 Combo set, with an extra 220/240W power adapter, has a suggested retail price of €319.00.


The perfect LED light combination for photo and video.

The M40 has a power of no less than 40W, which is equivalent to 14,000 lux. M40 is available in a format that until now was only available for LED lamps in the range of 5W to 13W. The M40 weighs only 320 grams making it very lightweight and portable.

The F100 has a maximum power of 100W, which is equivalent to 20,708 lux. This LED Light Stick weighs only 950 grams. You can set all the colors you want using a dial, charging is super fast via PD Fast Charge and practical accessories such as barndoors, grid, diffuser and a carrying case are included.


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