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Telecom Consultancy

A new house or existing house has to meet high demands, and you want to get the maximum result out of it. The best result is achieved if you predetermine how the house is going to look up front. Telecommunications is often considered in a late stage. Unfortunate the effects of this are often visible, Phone lines that lay on phlints or ugly wires running on the walls.

Maybe you want a phone in the living room or kitchen. When the kids grow up an own phone in their room or whether you want to have a fax or answering machine, then a PBX is the perfect solution. A PBX controls your phone calls quick and easily.

You can transfer calls to family members, and without yelling and searching making phone calls. Inhouse calls won't cost a cent! You can control and block outgoing phone calls per phone with your PBX. You have the option to block international phone numbers or just 0900-numbers. That way you can keep track of your expenses and keep track of unnoticed calls.

At elderly who are housebound, the PBX can be just as an alarm. Suppose that elderly have the option to call a family member on daily basis to let them know they are fine. You can set the PBX up, it will automaticly call a pre set up alarmnumber that will be dialed after an amount of time.
A safe feeling!

Do you have an office or company? Then an ISDN-PBX with two outer lines and 4 phone numbers would be ideal. You can keep business and private lines apart. You will be available for your customers and the family members can call without problems. the costs will be displayed by number on the telephone bill that will give you the ability to keep track of the costs. Furthermore you will be able to keep your old equipment.

More and more people discover the range of digital solutions. Surfing the internet will not always go as smooth and simple as you want to. Especially downloading files to your computer, by use of telephone line, cant test your patience. With an ISDN- connection this will all speed up: up to 5 times as fast! With browsing the internet most users spend alot of time, during that time your telephone line would not be available. Unless you have 2 lines that can be used independently

The entertainment package offers 2 independent lines. This way you will always be available, no matter how long you are browsing! If you use this option often, it will also be alot cheaper. If one ISDN connection isn't fast enough, one more ISDN-connection can be used to transmit data even faster.  When you will receive a phone call, the second line will switch back!

You may have individual, specific needs in areas such as intrusion protection or telework. You name it, we will be pleased to advise you!

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