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IP Camera's with high bandwidth

IP Camera's with high bandwidth
We'll have three camera's of Hikvision which have an very high bandwidth. Please feel free to contact us if you require more information.
Hikvision DS-7604HI
It is pre continually difficult to determine how long to configure an IP network camera takes. The struggle to get through routers and firewalls always takes longer than expected. The embedded NVR 7604HI of Hikvision DS does it all by itself. Within a few minutes, the NVR itself elsewhere in the network placed cameras including IP addresses and places it on the screen. That's all.
The DS-7604HI can connect 4 analog + 2 IP cameras or 4 IP cameras. The operation is located via a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), or remotely via a built-in browser. Obviously H264 compression and motion detection features are built-in. Backup is provided via USB or CD / DVD-RW and the capacity is up to 2TB.
Hikvision DS-7608NI
The Hikvision DS - 7608NI - SEP8 NVR ( HD Recorder ) features eight PoE inputs . Up to 8 IP cameras can be connected . Displays the camera directly with the necessary nutrition. You won't have to put a supply point near the cameras in this way.
IP surveillance was never so simple, the cameras can be connected directly to the HD recorder without using additional network equipment . So no switch needed .
The HD recorder provides the cameras automatically the correct IP addresses. This completes the installation and configuration to do . Easy self
You have to set only one network connection towards your router and HD Recorder is ready for use.
This HD recorder records 8 channels in HD quality . You can choose to record on basic movement . This way you can in an incident easy retrieval in the timeline where the movements are recorded . Interesting recordings can be archived on a USB stick
Hikvision DS-7616NI
The DS-7616 NVR is a new generation product. Built on an embedded platform, the DS-7616 NVR contains the perfect combination of rock-solid reliability and high performance. Each channel supports two kinds of compression parameters, the continuous and event, which can be configured locally and remotely.
Live view screen can be switched in group, and manual switch and automatic cycle live view is also provided, the interval of automatic cycle can be adjusted. It has pre-record and post-record for alarm, motion detection for recording, and pre-record time for schedule. It supports pause, speed up, speed down, skip forward, and skip backward when playback, locating by dragging the mouse.




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